2014 – Top Ten Beauty Products

Since I spent most of 2014 pregnant, I wanted to focus today’s post, on my other major love. Make up.  Clothes aren’t the most forgiving while you’re pregnant, but make up will always be there for you girls!!

While I’ve never been certified, I’ve started to freelance for friends and family over the past couple of years. As things have picked up, my make up collection has grown and grown. I decided to put a list together of my top ten products from this year. Not all of these are brand spanking new but all of them were my go-to’s. Whether it be for me, or whomever’s make up I was doing!

I’ve included pictures and links to the websites if anyone’s interested in purchasing the products!



1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit



Now this easily may have been the most hyped up product of the year, and boy was it well deserved. It was all over social media – instagram, twitter, you tube etc. etc. I held off on purchasing this for a little. This was partly because it was sold out for quite some time after its launch and partly because I try not to make rash decisions. I said, I try. 

Once Anastasia’s website had them back in stock, and even offered the option to create your own palette, I couldn’t stay away any longer. For $40.00  msrp, you get six colors. Easily the most useable for everyone is the banana powder. The yellow base is great for setting under eye concealers, and works on a variety of different skin tones. Other than that- I definitely recommend making your own palette custom to you.



2. Laura Geller BB Cream – All-in-one skin perfecting beauty balm spf 21



My next go to product this year was my Laura Geller BB Cream. I am a huge foundation fan. I have at least 10 different brands in my collection, and usually can’t be seen leaving the house without it. If you had asked me about BB Creams eight months ago, I probably would’ve told you they’re not worth the money unless you’re one of the lucky few with next to no skin imperfections. Lets be real, thats not a lot of us. Then, I stumbled upon this.

I had never been turned on to Laura Geller products, until my birch box delivery came with a small sample of this BB Cream earlier in the year. I have been obsessed ever since.

There is decent coverage for a BB cream, and also SPF. Luckily the texture and the smell is not affected whatsoever! Also, it has an almost small amount of shimmer in it, that adds luminosity to the skin. On lazy day’s, I get away with this alone. On days where I would like more full coverage, I mix this in with my foundation for a healthy glow! 

The one negative is it is quite pricey, at $34.00 a tube. With that being said, you do get quite a bit of product, and it is every bit worth the price.


3. Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer



Ahh another one of my loves!! Say goodbye to dark under eyes, or caked on concealer that falls into your creases. Mac Pro-Longwear concealer is probably the only other concealer I would compare this too, as far as coverage goes, and the fact that it doesn’t crease. But I’m a MAC fiend. I figured I’d go with the product I was more recently turned on to.

Again this is pricey at $29.00 a tube, but it will last you – FOR EVER. I have four of the shades, and they are the perfect texture to mix together, or with other products if they’re not exactly your shade. If you are looking for yourself only, there is enough color variety where you will absolutely find your match. For me I carry a couple, so I can blend and build on clients if need be.



4. BECCA Shimmering skin perfecter pressed powder

Highlighter 101 Picture 010


Besides the Anastasia Beverly Hills palette, this may have been the second most “hyped” product of the year. Until this highlighting powder was released, BECCA was another brand name I was not yet familiar with. Now that I’ve been introduced, we shall never part! Their blushes, liquid luminizers…ugh heaven.

Now this is a picture of the shade OPAL – which was the highlighter that was specifically talked about on most beauty blogs and vlogs. It does work best on tan skin, but there are other shades. I believe the lighter color is moonshine, which is better suited for fair skin tones.

When I first purchased this I expected it to be very unnatural, with the shimmer in the product. But it is absolutely not the case. I obviously wouldn’t recommend piling it on, but by dabbing this on the cupids bow and the tops of your cheek bones, you can give yourself or your clients a beautiful glow!!


5. Mac EyeshadowX15 Warm Neutral Palette



And moving on to the eyes! Now there were a ton of palettes released last year, including a ton of great holiday palettes which are sitting in my drawer. I know this is nothing super elaborate, but I decided to include something that I believe is a  MUST have for anyones collection.

For someone obsessed with MAC, like myself, I have to restrain myself from too many purchases. I tend to want everything, and that cart can fill up quickly my friends. $$$.  MAC’s eyeshadows are creamy, blendable and buildable, and worth every penny. I recommend this palette, or the same palette in cool shades for anyone starting out. Whether it be for yourself, or as a freelancer – you can get plenty of use out of these neutral colors!! Another plus, its much cheaper than buying them individually. 


6. Mac Lipstick – Mac Red


My holy grail of all lipsticks. EVEN worn on my wedding day. I know what you’re thinking, red lipstick on your wedding day?? Sounds a little much, but I promise you this color red on my skin tone is per-fec-tion. It has more of a blue undertone, and is beautifully formulated. It’s not too chalky or matte, nor is it too translucent that it needs to be reapplied consistently. With a good lipliner, this lipstick will give you hours of wear.


7. Mac Lipstick – Myth



The nude of all nudes. This is again, not a newbie, but a product you will hear about all day every day from people in the beauty industry. This lipstick has big color payoff, but it is NUDE color payoff. I definitely recommend this for lighter skin tones, and because it is  a satin finish, it definitely is nice to put a moisturizing gloss over it.

Any time I’m doing a smokey eye, this is my go-to-girl! For 16 dollars, you cannot go wrong ladies.


8. Mac Lipstick – Honey Love



Now for my third and final MAC lipstick, I have to go with honey love. This one I actually saw on someone else and immediately was obsessed. I got it in the mail a few days ago, and let me tell you I was not disappointed.

This color is more of a mauve-y nude, so it is a little dark on me. I’ve been using MAC fleshpot underneath (even more nude than myth) to balance it out. If you’ve been trying to get that Kylie Jenner look ..this will definitely do it for you. 

The only negative is that this is a matte shade. Obviously this can be drying. You can fix that by putting a moisturizing gloss over it – and by making sure to exfoliate and moisturize your lips before you apply.



9. Too Faced – Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick


Now these, my friends, are ah-mazing. First let me say…the pigment is out of control. 

As you can tell by my last few recommendations, the majority of my lipstick collection is made up of MAC lipsticks. I do venture off every now and then for some LimeCrime, OCC Lip Tars..you know, the usuals. I was never a big fan of liquid lipsticks because I found while the applied easily, when they dried i’d always be disappointed. I have yet to try the new Anastasia Liquid Lipsticks, but after trying this Melted lipsticks by Too Faced, I’m more apt to give them a shot!

The pigment is beautiful. The color range is growing. And while they dry, they are not drying it. 

Again this are expensive at $21.00 a piece, but if you are freelancing, they will last because you don’t need a lot of product. If you are purchasing for yourself, a lot of the colors are extremely bright – so you may be able to buy 2-4 of them and make all of those work for any of your looks! Definitely a purchase I am happy I made. My favorite colors so far are Sugar and Berry!!



10. NYX Slim Lip Pencils


Last but not least – lip liners! I figured I would end on a product that was a little more affordable. I typically purchase all my NYX products through ULTA, and they often are selling all NYX products for buy one get one 50% off. These lip pencils are 3.50 a piece. No joke. 


My favorite lip pencils are MAC (obviously) but for 3.50 a piece, you can not go wrong. The color selection is unbelievable, and they are beyond easy to use. While they are a pencil, they are not chalky and go on very creamy. Whenever I wear them, I see NO feathering or bleeding – which is a must especially if you’re trying to rock a bright lip.




Alright ladies I hope this was helpful to you!! I will hopefully be posting some tutorials with some of my fave products soon! That way if you’re unsure, you can see some finished products before you decide to drop some major cash.


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