Self Tanner: Loving Tan vs. St. Tropez + Some Helpful Tips

So anyone who knows me, or has seen a picture of me, knows I’m the most pale human being to walk the Earth. I’m clearly exaggerating…but I’m pretty white. Some say clear! LOL When I was younger I used to die for tanning beds…until I realized how terrible they were for your health – and the appearance of your skin. I mean if you aren’t worried about cancer, can you at least worry about wrinkles?

Since I had my revelation at 22,  I’ve led my life in a bleak, colorless existence…until now. As of late the spray tanning industry has really blossomed For those of us who can only afford the professional tan for special occasions, or simply can’t get to a salon once a week, there are other options. At home self tanners. There are lotions, spray, boosters, facial pads – so many options. Today I review two of the most popular tanning mousses on the market! I’ll show you before and after – give you pros & cons – and some helpful hints too. If you’re interested…read on..but put on some sunnies, my before pictures may blind you 😉


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Mini Haul with Swatches


So Belley girl and I went out for the day, and the first place we went was Providence Place. I needed a new St. Tropez tanning mitt, so I figured I’d walk her around the mall and just get out for a bit. Of course they didn’t have any mitts left at Sephora, yet I still walked out with a few bags of stuff! It cannot be helped.. I try to tell the hubs this all the time.

I figured I’d share with you all the things I purched as I open them! Hope its as fun for you as it is for me <3

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My Favorite Brushes and Coupon Codes!

Oh Mon-dazzeee..they’re just the worst, aren’t they? I’m sad because the hubby is back to work but more sad I only have three more weeks of my maternity leave. I’m anxious and nervous about getting back to work but my husband and I are going to figure out a new schedule so I can be home more with Annabelle. I’d like to keep up on this venture, so bare with me if the road gets a little rocky!

Even though Mondays can be draining, I figured I’d be productive and give you a little something to get you through the day. Yasss there are coupon codes! Shopping is the best stress relief…well for me. If it is for you too, well maybe this will save you a little dough. That’s always nice, right?

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Summer Wardrobe For Baby

Normally when summers approaching, I’m busy stocking up on flip flops, bathing suits, tank tops ,maxi dresses, wedges…anything and everything you could need in your wardrobe. I could go on but I eventually want to get to the point.

This year I’m stocking up on baby clothes!! Now part of that is my obsession with these cute little articles, the other part is I’m still working to get into summer shape. I’m better suited harnessing my clothing obsession towards my little lady right now..and let’s be real – she deserves it.

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My Three Favorite Ways to Apply Foundation

So the secret to the perfect full face, is the perfect foundation. Just as important as color matching and product matching for oily/dry skin, is how you actually apply the product. And NO girls, that is not using your fingers – gross! You just washed, exfoliated, moisturized – and you’re going to rub you’re greasy fingers all over that face? Stop. Put your hands down, and continue reading.

Today, I’ve got my tips for the three best ways to apply your foundation – and the tools are cheap and easy-pees to use.

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My Favorite Spring Trends

This weekend was the first weekend that I was able to take Annabelle outside without covering her in sixteen different layers. Now, I love me some layering – but not when it’s for purely practical reasons. Because the weather is finally turning, I’m dying over everything spring. I was inspired today when I got a few packages in (yay for a good mail day!), and figured I’d share my love for everything spring.

Thanks for reading as always loves!!

Crying out for Cream

IMG_1942 copy1

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My Skin Care Routine



Oh, how I’ve missed you!! I wish I could say I kept up on my posts on my maternity leave, but clearly I was overly optimistic as to how much free time I’d have. And 10 weeks later..

I decided to do an updated skin care post for my welcome back because my skin has changed so much post partum

Also, good news is a lot of my products are drugstore so my recommendations are super affordable! Feel free to comment with any questions, and as always thanks for following! <3



Boots No7 Lift & Luminate Day Cream , Boots No7 Hydrating Mist, UP&UP Facial Scrub, Boots No7 Soothing Toner, Mario Badescu Facial Spray,

Biore Deep Cleaning Pore StripsNuetrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remove, Clinque Brush Cleanser, Korres Black Pine Eye Cream & Night Cream, Peter Thomas Gel Mask


The long and short of skin care, in my opinion, can be categorized below:

1. Clean your face!!

2. Exfoliate

3. SPF

4. Moisturize

I know it seems ridiculous when looking at it, but it really is that simple.

Cleaning your face is task number one. It is important you are cleaning your face right when you wake up in the morning, at the end of the day, and before and after work outs. If you want to keep your face blemish free, this is oh so important. I use my up and up facial cleanser at every cleaning. I know it may seem harsh, because it has an exfoliant, but it works for me. I do wear makeup every single day unless I’m at home, so it helps to cleanse my pores and remove any lingering particles I miss with my nuetrogena eye makeup remover. I am guilty of using this all over my face depending on what I’m wearing. My newest addition though, is the Peter Roth Cucumber Gel Mask. It helps sooth and cleanse the skin and I’m super impressed. I’m not one for expensive skin products but I received this in a VIB Rouge package from sephora and thought, what the heck? Now I’m stalking the website to purchase the full size refill. If you’re not sure – and you’re a VIB rouge member – trying the Peter Roth Package first is definitely a must. I think its 500 points? But don’t quote me.

Also – you’ll peep a Clinique brush cleanser, that I’m in love with! A huge mistake women make is applying makeup with their hands, and/or not wasting their brushes. In between full washes, I use this cleanser to keep my applicators fresh! Nothing makes less sense than completing your skin care routine and rubbing dirty brushes all over your face. Yuck!

The next thing I’m obsessed with is exfoliation. Just like every other part of your body dead skin ends up on your face, along with clogged pores. Its extremely important to get old makeup product, clogged pores, and dead skin cells removed to maintain an even complexion. Like I said, I use the exfoliating cleanser on the daily, but I also use the Biore pore strips 2 times a week. If you are an avid wearer of makeup, or you work out a lot, you work outside…etc. etc., these are a must. Also, they are dirt cheap! Worth every penny. These steeps may irritate your skin so I’d recommend my next obsession – Boots No 7 soothing toner.  After I rinse my face from the cleanser products, I let my skin dry and than apply this liberally – and my skin feels amazing!

Possibly the most important ingredient in skin care is SPF. I myself am pale, pale, pale, which makes it even more so important for me to protect myself from the sun. Not only will this protect you from cancer, but it will help combat age spots, wrinkles, and dry skin. Find a moisturizer with an SPF in it for daily use. I keep mine at 15/20, but preferably at 15 when I’m wearing it under my foundation. I was going to put a good sunscreen in here, but I really don’t have a favorite. I’m struggling to fine a daily one that doesn’t bother my skin or smell horrific. I’ll keep you posted.

This brings me to the last piece of the puzzle which is moisturizer. I’ve been extremely dry post baby, so this has been extra important this winter.. Besides my makeup setting sprays, these next two products are my favorite lower end facial mists. Before I apply my day cream, night cream, and eye cream, I always always mist my face with the Bootz No7 Facial Mist. It just adds an extra layer of moisture, that the lotion can trap in. The Mario Badesco one smells amazing and has Aloe, and rose water. I usually apply that liberally when I have no makeup on.

Now the night cream and eye cream I’m using is relatively pricey; it’s the new black pine collection by Korres. I’d recommend purchasing the gift package from sephora that has the day/night/eye cream in one. I don’t particularly care for the day cream, but its a major steal for the eye cream and the night cream. I included it in the link above!

What I REALLY want to rave about is this Boots No7 Lift and Luminate day cream. I have tried, no exaggeration at least 50 day creams. From Aveeno, to Olay, to Kiehls…I just was never impressed. I bought this on a whim in target because I saw the word luminate – which is what I need with this dry skin. I’m telling you guy, I’ve bought two more as backups in fear if I run out I won’t be able to find it!! This day cream has SPF. It smells just the right about of delicious. The hook line and sinker, is that it makes you CRAZY luminous. Now I wouldn’t put this on and go out with it alone, right away, because you will look super shiny. Once your skin absorbs it, it leaves you with the most beautiful glow. But if you are ever in need of a dewey makeup look, throw this on under your foundation and you won’t even need a highlighter. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone that is oily, but if you are dry skin or normal skin you will not regret it. Plus, its half the price of the name brand stuff you’re going to find in the department stores and/or Sephora.

So ladies thats what I got going on for my skin care routine. I know everyone is different, but I hope my recommendations can make an impression for anyone struggling with dry skin – especially any new momma’s out there like me, that have noticed a change post baby and are on a budget.


I promise I won’t stay away as long next time!



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