My Favorite Spring Trends

This weekend was the first weekend that I was able to take Annabelle outside without covering her in sixteen different layers. Now, I love me some layering – but not when it’s for purely practical reasons. Because the weather is finally turning, I’m dying over everything spring. I was inspired today when I got a few packages in (yay for a good mail day!), and figured I’d share my love for everything spring.

Thanks for reading as always loves!!

Crying out for Cream

IMG_1942 copy1

So I’ve linked everything that I could above. Most of this is new merch, but some was not. My wardrobe for spring is usually uber colorful, but I’ve been seeing all-white err-thing on every blog imaginable. I love-love-love white, but I’m feeling the creams for myself, probably because it’s better suited to my pale complexion. Mixing the cream items with some destroyed denim, and pops of pink just bring the outfits to life!

Either Go Nude, or Go Pink

IMG_1951 copy

  •  Essie Site ; Colors Top from L-R, then Bottom from L-R: Off the Shoulder, Sunday Funday, Enuf is Enuf – Fiji, Muchi Muchi, Minimalistic, Topless & Barefoot, Sand Tropez


Now I’m never particularly loyal to one brand, but as far as nail polish goes, ESSIE has my heart. They have the longest staying power, the best range of colors, and the most adorable names. Last year there was a ton of lavender, white and mint nails going around town. I’ll still rock that when I feel its appropriate, but its all about the pinks and the nudes for me this year. I threw in a few more coral colors too because, well, I couldn’t resist. I’ve linked the ESSIE site above, and labeled the colors if you all are interested. The site can be overwhelming because of the variety, so hopefully this helps!

Goldie Long-Locks

IMG_1954 copy

My new go-to accessories,  are these long strand necklaces. They are nothing outrageously new, but they are moving me away from the super dainty necklaces and the statement pieces, that I had been wearing around the clock. I will absolutely still wear all my other pieces, but there is something refreshing  about mixing it up. And maybe the long lines make me feel slimmer with this post baby weight… a girl can dream, lol.

Daisy – oh SO fresh

IMG_8224 copy

Annnd last but not least. Now I’m not a huge fragrance girl, but lately I’ve been loving the floral scents. If the scent is too strong, the floral and fruitiness can remind me a lot of high school with girls lathering on bath&body works mists’ like it’s going out of style. BUT when it’s done right – it is so, so good. This item is the new version of Daisy that came out by Marc Jacobs called “Eau So Fresh”. It is a more fruity take (per the Sephora website, and my nose) on the original scent, and I think it is perfect for this time of year! It’s on the pricey side, as all the Daisy fragrances are, but you do get a lot of product.


So that is it for now..and hopefully this nice weather keeps inspiring me. Feel free to comment with any suggestions or questions  – as always. See ya chickadees <3.




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