My Three Favorite Ways to Apply Foundation

So the secret to the perfect full face, is the perfect foundation. Just as important as color matching and product matching for oily/dry skin, is how you actually apply the product. And NO girls, that is not using your fingers – gross! You just washed, exfoliated, moisturized – and you’re going to rub you’re greasy fingers all over that face? Stop. Put your hands down, and continue reading.

Today, I’ve got my tips for the three best ways to apply your foundation – and the tools are cheap and easy-pees to use.

Foundation-less! AH – thats why i look so unhappy…

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My Go To Application, is a with a short stemmed Kabuki Brush. I specify short stemmed, because it gives you more control then a long stemmed. This is a good technique, especially for beginners! After dropping the foundation on the back of your hand, or a foundation palette, use the end of an applicator brush to spot apply it all over your face.

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Typically, you want to place the foundation, where you need the most coverage – and blend out from there. If you are looking for more sheer coverage, or a totally even face – dot everywhere. Don’t I look pretty?!

IMG_6627 copy
When thats done its time to go to work ladies. Take the kabuki brush, and dab, dab, dab. What this does is press the liquid foundation into your skin, but also spreads it out evenly. Without strokes, you get a much more natural application. The kabuki brush, because it is fairly thick, will absorb any extra product. Now, you don’t have to worry about build up or cakiness. See below.

IMG_0732 copy

The final product!

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The next option for me, when I’m using a lighter coverage foundation, or a very thin liquid foundation, is the beauty blender. First step, is to wet the beauty blender, and squeeze out the extra moisture. You want the blender to be damp, and expanded to get the best results. On the right is a blender ready to use – on the left is one straight out of the box!



Once thats done, take the foundation you love and apply it directly to blender – as shown below.




This is really going to resemble the application of the kabuki brush, just dab dab dab. This is also going to create an airbrushed affect, but with less coverage, depending on the foundation. This does absorb a lot of the foundation, which helps to avoid extra build up or splotchiness.


The final product!


Lastly, from time to time I will use a flat top kabuki brush. I typically do this with a thicker more full coverage foundation. The flat top kabuki brush (like this F80 from Sigma) tend to be very thick. It helps smooth the foundation over your skin seamlessly, and makes your skin look flawless.


For this technique, I also us the end of an applicator brush to dot it over my face first. Because I’m using a thicker foundation, I don’t want to be poring this on top of the brush. It would cake on and be way to difficult to blend!


Now with this technique, you always want to dab – but you mostly want to blend in circular motions. I tend to blend first – and dab over the areas where I need extra coverage. This really helps, when my pores are extra large. Which unfortunately, is a problem for me. The dabbing motion helps blend the foundation right into your skin while evening out any trouble areas.


And the final product, again!


If any of you are interested in the foundations, and/or brushes/beauty blenders let me know! I was thinking of putting together a foundation and concealer review post. I was also going to do a brush break down with my collection – so I can tell you guys what are the must-haves and what you can really live without.

Also, I have GREAT news! I’m on my way to purchasing a new HD camera to better the quality of my photos. I know, as a fellow blog-follower- this really enhances the experience. I’m waiting to find the perfect one with video capacity – so I can have more of a connection with you guys. Also, I can expand my beauty posts and put together some tutorials.


As always, thanks for reading & please follow!!



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