Summer Wardrobe For Baby

Normally when summers approaching, I’m busy stocking up on flip flops, bathing suits, tank tops ,maxi dresses, wedges…anything and everything you could need in your wardrobe. I could go on but I eventually want to get to the point.

This year I’m stocking up on baby clothes!! Now part of that is my obsession with these cute little articles, the other part is I’m still working to get into summer shape. I’m better suited harnessing my clothing obsession towards my little lady right now..and let’s be real – she deserves it.

Below is just a sampling of what my little princess Annabelle’s summer wardrobe is looking like. You’ll notice a lot of pink, blue, denim, and nautical themes.  I didn’t even realize this while I was purchasing these things, only when I was sifting through her drawers to put this together. Also, my absolute favorite idea for a baby over summer is the romper! Some of them can look “diaperish”, but it is pretty easy to navigate through those. The one piece outfit is so much easier for us mommies, and they are so so cute! Girls clothes are so fun, especially because trends seem to mirror what has been happening on in women’s wear in general. Ladies, our clothes are much cuter in smaller sizes!

Since I haven’t done a nursery post, I will tell you that I love, love more neutral color schemes for my daughter. Her room is a mixture of grayish/cream wall, light pink accents, and white furniture/rugs/accents. I find the neon pink everything a little nauseating – but to each their own. When it comes to her wardrobe I am a little more adventurous. Maybe that’s because the baby clothes are smaller, and the pink in small doses is not as overwhelming. Or maybe thats the underlying fear of someone calling her a “he” , one more time.

The four outfits below are some of my favorites, and I can’t wait to style them for her. I’m on the lookout for some cute shoes, some sunnies, headbands…any and every baby accessory out there.

If you guys have any questions on where they’re from let me know! Oh and any suggestions on any obscure baby boutiques would be so appreciated. I do a lot of Carter’s, OshKosh, Nordstrom, Macy’s. If I could give my business to a smaller business I’d be happy to!


OH and I had to add this last piece. My mom got this for her for one of her Easter gifts! There were a few adorable outfits, but this one is my favorite. Possible 4th of July outfit? I think so!


Thanks for reading! <3



  1. Jody Nivins says:

    Polka dot panda is on Facebook and owned by a friend of mine located by the beach really cute baby clothes! Love the blog !

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