My Favorite Brushes and Coupon Codes!

Oh Mon-dazzeee..they’re just the worst, aren’t they? I’m sad because the hubby is back to work but more sad I only have three more weeks of my maternity leave. I’m anxious and nervous about getting back to work but my husband and I are going to figure out a new schedule so I can be home more with Annabelle. I’d like to keep up on this venture, so bare with me if the road gets a little rocky!

Even though Mondays can be draining, I figured I’d be productive and give you a little something to get you through the day. Yasss there are coupon codes! Shopping is the best stress relief…well for me. If it is for you too, well maybe this will save you a little dough. That’s always nice, right?

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From L-R: Sigma– F20 Large Powder , F10 Blush , F50 Duo Fibre , F05 Small Contour, F40 Large Angled Contour Morphe – M500 Deluxe Pointed , M509 Deluxe Pointed Blender , M510 Pro Round Blender – BHCosmetics – Angled Blending Face Brush, Round Blending Face Brush RealTechniques – setting brush

These are my absolute fave face brushes. The large fluffy brushes are good for bronzer/blush/finishing powders and blending. The smaller fluffy brushes are great for contouring and highlighting. The BHCosmetics angled kabuki brush is my ALLTIME favorite concealer brush. It’s super dense, and fits perfectly under my eyes, I use this to blend in my under eye concealer and spread it over my lid for an eyeshadow base. Lastly the real techniques setting brush on the end is the best for setting you’re under eye concealer. It picks up just enough product to not get cake, and fits into all the lithe crevices! Hey – we all have them.

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From L-R: Sigma: E40 Blending , E25 Blending, E36 Tapered Blending BHCosmetics – Small Angled Blending Face Brush Morphe – Large Pointed Blender , Round Blender RealTechniques– Base Shadow Brush, Deluxe Crease Brush , Accent Brush Ulta – Concealer Brush – UrbanDecay- Flat Shade Brush *no longer available ECOTools– Small Pencil Brush. OCC– Precision Lip Brush

Now these are my favorite eye brushes (with the exception of the lip and the concealer brush). The bigger fluffy brushes are the best for blending, blending, blending. The smaller condensed brushes are great for patting on the lid for condensed coverage. The real techniques accent brush is AMAZING for highlighting the inner corner, and under brow. It’s dense enough to not lose the glittery shadows all over your face, and small enough to be super precise. Also that Ulta concealer brush works wonders. I use this with my MAC potted concealer to define my brows or clean up my winged liner.

The photos above are a small sampling of my brush collection, but the ones I grab on a daily basis or feel are really important for my kit. Now I’ve said it before, a short handled dome Kabuki brush is life…but I honestly don’t have one that knocks my socks off. If you have a recommendation leave it in the comments because I’ve been searching for ever.

If you are new to make up or just starting a brush collection, there are a few tips to keep in mind. What I find important in brushes are density, a solid stem/handle, texture and ability to hold the hairs in. If a brush is too thick or not thick enough, it won’t serve it’s purpose. If the texture is harsh or harmful to the skin- get rid of it. If the stem is too weak or too long, they are awkward to work with. And if you are losing hairs while applying make up – toss it. The hairs will stick  in your foundation, move your powders and make it difficult to finish your face. The brushes above all meet these criteria and for VERY Reasonable prices. If you click on the links you’ll be taken right to the site for purchase. You’re welcome!

If thats not helpful enough, want to save a little money?? Silly question..of course you do.

If you’re interested you can use FB2015 for 10% off your order at Sigma’s website. On Morphe’s site, you can use coupon code JACATTACK to 10% of too. Lastly use code “Surprise” on BHCosmetic’s site  will get  you free shipping and surprise gifts, for a limited time.

This was a quickie so if you have any questions let me know. I’m working on a self tanning review for you for Wednesday, so I’ll be back soon !! As always thanks for reading.


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