Self Tanner: Loving Tan vs. St. Tropez + Some Helpful Tips

So anyone who knows me, or has seen a picture of me, knows I’m the most pale human being to walk the Earth. I’m clearly exaggerating…but I’m pretty white. Some say clear! LOL When I was younger I used to die for tanning beds…until I realized how terrible they were for your health – and the appearance of your skin. I mean if you aren’t worried about cancer, can you at least worry about wrinkles?

Since I had my revelation at 22,  I’ve led my life in a bleak, colorless existence…until now. As of late the spray tanning industry has really blossomed For those of us who can only afford the professional tan for special occasions, or simply can’t get to a salon once a week, there are other options. At home self tanners. There are lotions, spray, boosters, facial pads – so many options. Today I review two of the most popular tanning mousses on the market! I’ll show you before and after – give you pros & cons – and some helpful hints too. If you’re interested…read on..but put on some sunnies, my before pictures may blind you 😉



First off, you need to get your supplies together. The bronzing mousses, of course – but you also want an exfoliating mitt and a tanning mitt. The Loving Tan exfoliating mitt is amazing. It is double sided – pink side is more gentle than the dark side. Before I apply, I shower and shave and let my body stay in the water for about twenty minutes. At the end of my shower – I use the black side of the mitt on my whole body. It is crazy how well it works! Once I get out of the shower – I put lotion ONLY on my feet, knees, elbows and hands. If you put it all over, you inhibit your skins ability to hold the product. You want your skin to absorb less in the problem areas where product usually bunches up. Obviously I didn’t take a picture of the lotion because you can use whatever one you want!

A lot of people use latex gloves to apply their self tanner, but I 100% advise against it. Yes – it works. But it i much easier using a mitt, and the results speak for themselves. The St. Tropez mitt works well, and is reusable for a good number of times. It is $6.50…and definitely worth the price. I’ve linked all the products below for you.


Loving Tan Exfoliating Mitt, Loving Tan Deluxe Bronxing Mousse in Medium, St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse, St. Tropez Tanning Mitt


So the first thing I notice with the products is the size of the packaging, the color of the product, and the scent.  The Loving Tan is 4 oz for $34.95, and St. Tropez is 8oz for $42.00. They also sell St. Tropez in a 4oz size for $32.00. Overall getting the bigger bottle of St. Tropez is the best deal – but Loving Tan is comparably priced. No big issue in pricing.

The scent for both of them is, meh. Neither of them smell horrible or great. I do prefer the Loving Tan scent over the St. Tropez scent- but again this isn’t a deciding factor.

The color – now that caught me off guard. The Loving Tan is woah, tan. And the St. Tropez is, uh, green? At first the green color made me think .. what the f..? But reading up on it its allegedly supposed to make it more wearable for all skin tones, and not orangey. So that didn’t deter me. The darkness of the Loving Tan did scare me, but this was the Medium color (there are darker colors for darker skin tones, as opposed to St. Tropez’s one color). Both of these are guide colors that help you with application, than the tan is supposed to gradually build.



Now what I did for you guys was interesting. Because I have plans this weekend, I didn’t want to look crazy – I did the Loving Tan on my legs, and the St. Tropez on my chest and arms. I was going to do both legs different colors, or delay it and show you full application of both but I said “what the heck?”.  No one will be matching up my arms and legs. Plus I got a lot of positive feedback on Instagram so I wanted to get this done ASAP. Here are my legs and arms pre-application.


IMG_2268 IMG_2269 IMG_2270

So after application, my opinions started forming. The guide color for Loving Tan is much more visible. With that being said – the St. Tropez is a lot easier to apply, because it takes longer to dry. Once you put the Loving Tan on you don’t have a lot of time to work with it. With St. Tropez you can take your time to blend it together.

Also – after I put on the Loving Tan, my legs did honestly look tan. It looked TOO dark but I attributed it to the guide color and figured I’d wait to see how it looked, after I showered in the morning. As far as my arms and upper body go,  I honestly didn’t notice much of a difference. Except.. I look dirty. Which was frustrating after I just spent 20 minutes exfoliating! But again – I withheld forming a final opinion until I washed everything off.

IMG_2271 IMG_2272 IMG_2273


Now with both of the products – the longer you leave them on, the darker the application. Loving Tan recommends not getting wet or sweating for 6 hours, to let the tan develop. St. Tropez recommends 4 hours. That is a definite plus for St. Tropez — if you’re in a hurry this is the better option. With that being said, Loving Tan does offer a two hour express mousse…but I have yet to get my hands on it. To give each of them a fair chance – I just went to bed. I washed them off at the same time, so I will at least know they each had the same amount of time to develop.


So when I woke up at 6:00 a.m… I know ugh, the life of a mom, I immediately showered. I honestly couldn’t stand the smells anymore. Individually I may have been fine but the mixture of them was just so strange. The guide color came off very easily in the shower – and I was VERY impressed how I did not look streaky, and my hands and feet and elbows made it out pretty much okay.

With the exception of my left knee (oops!) my legs look awesome! I was pretty scared last night with how dark the guide color is…but it left me with a very natural tan. Also don’t mind the reflection on my left shin – its from the chandelier in the room – its not a splotchy area.  There are some minor splotchy areas on my feet, but nothing noticeable in a shoe.


My arms on the other hand, I am unimpressed. When I woke up the green on my arms had faded into a pretty nice tan. I was excited to shower and see what it revealed. I am maybe 2 shades darker than my original color…. I’m so disappointed! I applied both of these at 9 p.m. last night. St. Tropez recommends 4 hours…and I left it on for 9 hours! If I left the guide color on with the tan smell, yes I would’ve looked great. But if I wanted a removable tan – I would’ve purchased one of sprays that comes off with water ..for a LOT less money. To be fair – The pictures last night were taken in a darker setting now that it is light out so its difficult to tell and the tan that I did get is pretty flawless. No streaking and absolutely no marks around my hands and elbows.

IMG_2277 IMG_2278


Overall there is a clear winner here…drumroll please….


LOVING TAN! While they both have pro’s and con’s, the tan I was looking for was best achieved by the Loving Tan Product. I think that someone that is very, very fair – doesn’t mind the smell of the guide color – or is new to self tanning and needs practice with blending, the St. Tropez is an alright option. I likely will not buy it again but maybe it holds better on different skin tones? Who knows. If someone is looking for a more dramatic difference and knows how to apply the product properly around trouble areas–Loving Tan is the clear winner.

I hope you all enjoyed this and it was worth while! To sum things up, I did a quick Pro’s & Con’s list for each, below. I’m glad I finally got this up and I’ll have something new for you soon <3

St. Tropez:

Pros – Easy to work with, very natural tan, no streaking or catching in areas like your hands/elbows, best value if you purchase the 8oz bottle, and says it only has to set for four hours.

Cons – Smell is not the best, the guide color is off putting, best color is with guide color on – would not recommend for darker skin tones.


Loving Tan:

Pros – Better smell than St. Tropez, guide color is bright making it easy to know if you missed a spot, darker tan, comes in multiple colors so anyone with light to – medium dark skin can get a glow!

Cons – Only comes in 4 oz bottle, because it is dark does get caught in trouble areas like ankles and knees, dries quickly during application so it can be tough to blend.




  1. Ava says:

    Thanks so much for this review! I was debating to buy the loving tan because I did notice the St Tropez came off after my shower. I’m really glad you confirmed that because I thought I was doing something wrong!! If you plan to do the express loving tan review, I would definitely love to see it. Also, the dark St Tropez might be a better option than the original. I am tempted to try it. Thanks again! Keep up the great work!!

    • says:

      Yes I’m definitely going to do it! I’ve seen a ton of youtube applications and it seems to work just as well, as the normal one. BUT with that being said – I don’t know if those reviews/tutorials are sponsored. Which mine definitely is not…Follow my page and my instagram and I’ll let you know when I get it and review it! <3 Thanks for reading :)

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