Drug Store Favorites – Dupes

In my opinion, there are certain items that its worth spending the money on, and there are certain items on that you justify spending the money on because they’re just so luxurious you have to do it. BUT, there are also plenty of times I grab drugstore items just to try. I will admit I am disappointed quite often, but there are those times where I say well this is amazing! What the heck am I doing spending double the price on this over that? Today is the day I’m letting you in on those products.




Now I’m not really a huge primer girl, but I do think it is important for special events or when you’re going to be wearing your makeup for a long time, to have an even base. For the most part I achieve this with a good moisturizer and the smash box primer spray – but for when I need a something extra I have a few go to’s. Here are my two favorite drugstore primers.

NYX Angel Veil

This is probably my favorite primer; drugstore and high end. It is a dupe for the Hourglass Veil Primer – which is a ridiculous $52.00 a bottle. You read that right. Yes it is amazing, but so is the NYX one. I linked it above – it will run you about $16.00 – a nice alternative. It is very smooth going on, and leaves you with a silky finish. It is also extremely lightweight. It works for me and I have combination skin – and decent sized pores. Give it a try – you will not be disappointed.


Maybelline Baby Skin

My other decent drug store primer is Maybelline Baby Skin. This is a pretty good dupe for the Benefit Porefessional at only $7.00 compared to the Porefessional as a $31.00 investment. I will say – the Porefessional lasts longer, and is good on its own – where I would only where the Baby Skin under foundation. It does the job for the price – unless you have very oily skin or a real pore problem this is a definite option.



Maybelline Age Rewind

This concealer, is an absolute godsend. As most people who know me, or my clients know I die for the MAC Prolongwear Concealer. Like die. The Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer and the NARS Radiant creamy concealer are both amazing too. BUT I find this is the closest dupe to the prolong wear, and it is an absolute steal at $9.00!! That is half the price of the MAC and about a third of the price of the UD and the NARS. It is also super easy to apply. I don’t know about the age rewind claim -but it is amazing for under eyes, it does not crease or settle and covers everything that needs covering. Buy it – do it.



Loreal True Match

Now I am not a fan of  drugstore foundations. My recommendation to all my clients, and all my friends is if you’re going to invest in one thing – invest in a good foundation. Take the time – go get matched by a professional, and buy a $40.00/$50.00/$60.00 foundation. It is an investment, and makes such a difference overall.

With that being said – this is the best drug store foundation I’ve ever used. The color selection is amazing, and it is super easy to find a match as they are divided into warm vs cool. It is medium coverage, and extremely lightweight and long wearing. It is liquid and dries pretty matte so if you are dry this may not be a good option. Also – it does tend to irritate my skin a little by the end of the day, but nothing compared to what most drugstore foundations do.

If you really can’t afford the high end foundation – this is your go to – I promise.


Face Powder/Bronzer

Loreal True Match Face Powder

If you are looking for a setting powder or a bronzer – this is amazing. I have one matched color for setting , and one for bronzing. Just like the true match foundation the color range is varied. The quality of the powders is great for the cost of about $12.00 .You can get both a setting powder, and a darker color to bronze or contour for less than one high end face powder or one high end bronzer.  They are very smooth and easy to blend…  I don’t know that I’d use this as a powder foundation – but its good over top of your primer and liquid foundation!



Milani Baked Blush

I have a couple of drug stored priced blushes that I love – including my bh & morphs palettes – BUT as far as singles go this is my favorite. For makeup artists I’d definitely recommend the palettes, but if you’re looking for an every day blush this is definitely a good choice. I normally go for strictly matte blushes, the sparkle just looks a little showy to me. These have the sparkle but the grains are so soft and smooth its more of a highlight. They are so blendable and sheer which makes for an easy application – especially if you’re a beginner.



NYC Liquid Liner

Stop what you’re doing. Drive to CVS. Buy this eyeliner.


Oh – you thought I was joking? I’m not. This stuff is $3.00. Yes, $3.00!! The bottle has a ton of product in it, and it is black as black can be. I wouldn’t buy any high end eyeliner over this one, if we are talking about liquid liners. Even if you are new to a winged eye, buy this. If you are using a felt tip liner for easy application – still buy this. You can put this on over top, and give your eyeliner the perfect finish. For people with a little more practice – this is amazing on its own. I don’t think there is any product that will give you a better bang for your buck.


Loreal Telescopic Liner

Now if you are in the market for a felt tipped liner – this is the best one for the price. I have the Tarte Precision liner – and this is a great alternative. Granted its not shaped like a pencil, but you get just as much control with this liner – with much more payoff. Plus you only have to spend $10.00 to get it!!


Eyeshadow Base

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo

If you don’t feel like spending $21.00 on a MAC paint pot – you can get almost the same base from the Color Tattoo’s. I think the Paint Pots are more blendable and crease way less, but this is the same idea. The best thing is this is multi purpose. This is really an eyeshadow – and there are a lot of colors and options. If you get the tan or the grey – they make for an amazing base for eyeshadows to hold the pigment -or on their own! They’re around $7.00 at Ulta, but i think you can grab them for $4.00 or $5.00 at Target!



Loreal Voluminous

I’ll be honest, I  don’t own a lot of high end Mascara’s. One I got in a Sephora goody bag, the other I repurchased after a sample came in a birch box I believe. My tried and true all time favorite is the Loreal Voluminous pictured below. Although, I do purchase the curved brush – I do love that they show both options. A lot of volumizing mascaras leave clumps, or don’t lengthen – this lengthens and plumps. You can’t put on multiple layers without a problem – and it is a steal at $8.00.


Lip Liner

NYX liner

My favorite lip liners of all time – are MAC pencils. So when I branched out and purchased a few NYX ones, I wasn’t expecting much. They are $3.50 a piece at Ulta – and they are usually running a buy one get one %50 off… I think thats when I picked up a bundle. They’re no MAC – but they do the job just fine. They take a little bit of practice and don’t glide on as easy as the MAC pencils but for about one fifth the price – a little extra effort may be worth it!


Lip Gloss

NYX Lipgloss

Another item I don’t regularly spend high dollars on, is lipgloss. And to be honest – you just don’t need to. These NYX butter glosses are smooth, long wearing (as far as lip glosses go), and smell amazing.  I believe they are $5.00 a piece – so another easy decision for you ladies :).



Nivea Lip Balm

There’s really no explanation for this one – sorry guys. This is just my favorite lip balm, ever. I use it daily while I’m doing my makeup and it is like $2.50 at walmart/rite aid and other drug stores. I just wanted to throw it in there because it is ah-mazing.



Ardell 120

I think lashes are another thing you can truly invest in, but for makeup artists ardell’s are amazing for your kit. They are cheap, and decent quality. I’ve never heard a complaint for a one time use – but you may only get 2 wears out of them. These in particular are my favorite. They are demi length so you don’t have to worry about cutting to fit, they have a cat eye effect, and they are not over the top where they can overwhelm small eyes. They are also pretty flexible, making it an easy application for even beginners! You can pick them up at Ulta and Target for around $3.00-$5.00 a pair!!


Am I done? I can’t be done? I feel like it took me FOR EVER to do this post. Partly because the baby was not cooperative, mostly because I just had too many drugstore products to mention. I really wanted to give you a few options and enough for a full face. I really don’t have any brow products, lipsticks, or eyeshadows that rock my world from the drugstore. If you have some – please comment below!!


Hopefully this helps save you ladies some money and you learned some good dupes! If not, keep spending that money honey. I’m not mad at the high end lovers either ;-).

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