Drug Store Favorites – Dupes

In my opinion, there are certain items that its worth spending the money on, and there are certain items on that you justify spending the money on because they’re just so luxurious you have to do it. BUT, there are also plenty of times I grab drugstore items just to try. I will admit I am disappointed quite often, but there are those times where I say well this is amazing! What the heck am I doing spending double the price on this over that? Today is the day I’m letting you in on those products.



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How to tell your mom, you don’t like blueberry pancakes.

So in honor of Mother’s Day, my very first Mother’s Day as a Mom, I thought I’d switch it up a bit. Contrary to popular belief, I do care about some things MORE than clothes and makeup. I know  – it is hard to believe.

If you don’t feel like being sappy – feel free to skip this post. But if you’re in the mood for a little love fest, take a few minutes and read on. Happy Momma’s day to all my fellow Mom’s out there <3.

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Review, Swatch & GIVEAWAY of The New Urban Decay Afterglow Blush

I am so, so, SO excited to share this post with you today! I bought a few of the new Urban Decay Afterglow Blushes, after happening upon a post on Urban Decay’s Facebook Page. Some of the colors are already sold out on Sephora’s page (shocking) so I’m glad I got my order in early!

I’ve been waiting for  a week to get these new blushes in, and when I saw UPS walking up to my door today I couldn’t control myself. Do you think the UPS driver thought it was weird I was waiting in the doorway, baby in hand?? Maybe – but probably not since he is at my house a lot. Oops.

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Self Tanner: Loving Tan vs. St. Tropez + Some Helpful Tips

So anyone who knows me, or has seen a picture of me, knows I’m the most pale human being to walk the Earth. I’m clearly exaggerating…but I’m pretty white. Some say clear! LOL When I was younger I used to die for tanning beds…until I realized how terrible they were for your health – and the appearance of your skin. I mean if you aren’t worried about cancer, can you at least worry about wrinkles?

Since I had my revelation at 22,  I’ve led my life in a bleak, colorless existence…until now. As of late the spray tanning industry has really blossomed For those of us who can only afford the professional tan for special occasions, or simply can’t get to a salon once a week, there are other options. At home self tanners. There are lotions, spray, boosters, facial pads – so many options. Today I review two of the most popular tanning mousses on the market! I’ll show you before and after – give you pros & cons – and some helpful hints too. If you’re interested…read on..but put on some sunnies, my before pictures may blind you 😉


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Mini Haul with Swatches


So Belley girl and I went out for the day, and the first place we went was Providence Place. I needed a new St. Tropez tanning mitt, so I figured I’d walk her around the mall and just get out for a bit. Of course they didn’t have any mitts left at Sephora, yet I still walked out with a few bags of stuff! It cannot be helped.. I try to tell the hubs this all the time.

I figured I’d share with you all the things I purched as I open them! Hope its as fun for you as it is for me <3

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My Favorite Brushes and Coupon Codes!

Oh Mon-dazzeee..they’re just the worst, aren’t they? I’m sad because the hubby is back to work but more sad I only have three more weeks of my maternity leave. I’m anxious and nervous about getting back to work but my husband and I are going to figure out a new schedule so I can be home more with Annabelle. I’d like to keep up on this venture, so bare with me if the road gets a little rocky!

Even though Mondays can be draining, I figured I’d be productive and give you a little something to get you through the day. Yasss there are coupon codes! Shopping is the best stress relief…well for me. If it is for you too, well maybe this will save you a little dough. That’s always nice, right?

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Summer Wardrobe For Baby

Normally when summers approaching, I’m busy stocking up on flip flops, bathing suits, tank tops ,maxi dresses, wedges…anything and everything you could need in your wardrobe. I could go on but I eventually want to get to the point.

This year I’m stocking up on baby clothes!! Now part of that is my obsession with these cute little articles, the other part is I’m still working to get into summer shape. I’m better suited harnessing my clothing obsession towards my little lady right now..and let’s be real – she deserves it.

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My Three Favorite Ways to Apply Foundation

So the secret to the perfect full face, is the perfect foundation. Just as important as color matching and product matching for oily/dry skin, is how you actually apply the product. And NO girls, that is not using your fingers – gross! You just washed, exfoliated, moisturized – and you’re going to rub you’re greasy fingers all over that face? Stop. Put your hands down, and continue reading.

Today, I’ve got my tips for the three best ways to apply your foundation – and the tools are cheap and easy-pees to use.

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My Favorite Spring Trends

This weekend was the first weekend that I was able to take Annabelle outside without covering her in sixteen different layers. Now, I love me some layering – but not when it’s for purely practical reasons. Because the weather is finally turning, I’m dying over everything spring. I was inspired today when I got a few packages in (yay for a good mail day!), and figured I’d share my love for everything spring.

Thanks for reading as always loves!!

Crying out for Cream

IMG_1942 copy1

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